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Problem: Lisa lives on the 9th floor of a building. There are 36 stairs between two connecting floors. How many stairs does Lisa have to climb to reach the 9th floor, starting from the first floor?


0’4 x 7’4=

5’7 x  0’7=

6’77  x 6’99=

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Book Club

Welcome to our new English Book Club space.

Resultado de imagen de images reading

Get to your favourite reading space, get comfortable, join in our shared reading adventure and share your thoughts… you will be amazed! The same book has many readings depending on who is the reader, and that person is YOU!

Before we start we will:

  • Get in groups of 5 or 6 students.
  • Give our Club a name and design a badge.
  • Vote our 1st Chairman and our 1st Scribe.
  • Get our Club Journal ready.
  • Decorate your Turn of speech sticks and holders.

Is it all done?

Now, pick one of this reading selections for your Club:

Stories told through the centuries. Includes fairy tales, tall tales, trickster tales, and animal tales.
Stories that might be true.
Magical Tales
Stories from world classics, featuring fantasy, epic heroes, and the supernatural.
Sacred Stories
Stories from scriptures of world religions.
New Tales
New stories that might sound like folktales.
Funny Stories
New stories just for fun.
Historical Stories
New stories featuring historic events or times.

And let’s read the fisrt one. This time you will read it as a team, out loud. Check the Reader’s Theater and give out the roles. Next session you will be recorded reading it, so get practising!

Don’t forget your BOOK MARK, it is your passport to the next Club session.

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The POWER of a song…

A song can bring us together, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!

This is a special song we are going to sing in our assembly on the 10th December and many times in future.

Have a look at the video and check out the Stronger Together lyrics. You might start by learning the chorus, the bits highlighted in blue. Let’s sing together!!!

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Reading comprehension

Reading 2



1. Describe and draw the place where the stream is located.

2.Make a list with the new words you find in the story and write what they mean. You can guess, check them up on a dictionary or on google translate.

3. Make up 5 sentences using as many of your new words as you can.

4. Which 3 words would you like to catch in the stream if you were Alec? Why do you like them?

5. Make up 3 ideas you could find in the stream clouds and write them inside a cloud.

6. Now read your work looking for spelling and grammar mistakes, checking if whtat you have written is easy to understand and that is well presented and neat.

Good effort, well done!!!

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La Prehistoria

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