Week 4


Review task: In this task you have 5 parts:

1.- Numeracy, calculating divisions; 2.- Geometry, development of images; 3.- Coordinates, name the letters on a grid; 4.- Thinking exercise, 5.- Word problems.



  • Earth Song: Watch the video and listen to the lyrics. Complete the work task, write the words in the correct order 1-49. Write a summary of what you think the song is about and how it makes you feel. EXTRA Can you think of ways to solve some of these problems? Please write your answers on a Word document or by hand (photograph it and paste onto a Word) and send the document to nathalie.castillo@sek.es

DEADLINE TO SEND BY E-MAIL: Thursday 16th April

  • The Frog in Water: read the story, reflect and think about why this is relevant to and how it may be connected to our new Unit of Inquiry. Write your perspective and explain what you think the story may be about. Draw a picture or find an image explaining your thought process. Please write your answers on a Word document or by hand (photograph it and paste onto a Word) and send the document to nathalie.castillo@sek.es


ALL LANGUAGES LEARNING KIDS A to Z and BOOK on BOOKS. Choose a book, according to your level. Not too easy, not too difficult. Read it. When you finish it, on a Word document, write 5 things you have learnt from the book, and 5 or more words you didn’t know before reading this book to show you have understood the meaning. It can be in the language you choose, English, Catalan or Castellano. Send it to your language teacher via email.


Watch the introduction video. Write what you know and what you want to know. Please write your answers on a Word document, or by hand (photograph it and paste onto a Word), add images representing your thoughts and send the document to nathalie.castillo@sek.es

DEADLINE TO SEND BY E-MAIL: Wednesday 15th April


  • Create a Teams group and invite your tutors to join.
  • Continue with all your PYP work and research, remember to be creative and whenever possible, take action.
  • Connect your Sustainable Development Goal to our Unit of Inquiry


  • This week we will start working on Module 3.  The vocabulary and guidance will be uploaded in the French class folder on TEAMS. Please carry on using the links and support provided, to continue improving your vocabulary and grammar.




Library Access



  • nivelación de español es de martes a viernes de 09.30 a 10.00h
  • la extraescolar de catalán lunes y miércoles a las 16.00h


La notícia:

Elaborar una notícia imaginant que la seva localitat es veu afectada per un fenomen metereològic de grans dimensions.

La notícia haurà de respondre a les preguntes següents:

  • Què?  Qui? Com? On? Quan?  Perquè?

Ho podeu fer en una cartolina o en un full

Accent diacrític:

  • En una llibreta o en un full, heu de copiar els exemples d´accents diacrítics

( Dins la carpeta de Teams, a l´àrea de català, trobareu el document)

Data d´entrega: divendres 17 d´abril

5è A-C  pilar.alegre@sek.es      5è B sara.pesarrodona@sek.es



   Tenéis que realizar un decálogo en el que expongáis qué medidas proponéis para prevenir que la capa de ozono siga creciendo y preservar nuestra atmósfera y el planeta.

Podéis realizarlo en una cartulina o documento Word.


Tenéis que buscar información sobre los “gases invernadero” y en un póster exponer la siguiente información:

– Definición de gases invernadero

-Qué causas han provocado en nuestra atmósfera los gases invernadero

-Qué posibles alternativas habría para evitar su aumento.

Fecha de entrega: viernes 17 de abril

5º A-C  pilar.alegre@sek.es      5º B sara.pesarrodona@sek.es



Elaborar un cuento, en el que vosotros sois los protagonistas. Tenéis que proponer ideas para prevenir que la capa de ozono siga creciendo.

Fecha de entrega: miércoles 15 de abril




UDI: The atmosphere.

In the search for the capture of the atmosphere in art, we find throughout the history of art pictures that produce experiences and sensations.

We are making a picture trying to draw the atmosphere just watching through the window.

Do not do it before the art lesson, please.

And remember to send me a foto.



Line Rider/musicogrames animats

links youtube

  1. Beethoven 5th symphony
  • Beethoven Für Elise
  • Rossini William Tell overture
  • Eduard Grieg In the Hall of the mountain king
  • Offenbach Can can Galop infernal

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